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The ideas and project phases of our school were discussed at the General Assembly meetings in line with the decision taken by İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (IAOIZ) Executive Board. Hilmi UĞURTAŞ, Chairman of İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (IAOIZ) stated in the 5th Ordinary General Assembly meeting held on 06 February 2007 that; Vocational training will be expanded thanks to the vocational high school which will be opened in our Zone.

At the 8th Ordinary General Assembly meeting held on March 4, 2010, the vocational high school has come to the agenda and it has been stated that qualified personnel will be able to attend the vocational high school and our region.

At the extraordinary general assembly meeting held on September 22, 2010, it was again emphasized that despite the unemployment problem in our country, only a small number of applicants to the zone were replied, and that qualified personnel could not be trained. It has been stated that this problem will be ended with the vocational school of the profession to be opened.

In the 9th ordinary general meeting held on 24 February 2011; it is stated that a foundation will be established to develop and realize the project of our vocational high school.

At the extraordinary general assembly meeting held on August 2011, it was emphasized that all the industrialists of the zone are wished to be a part of the project and the management will be in the hands of the IAOIZ to train future engineers.

The architectural project phase of the school started after decisions taken at the relevant general assemblies. The 'Architectural Project Competition' was organized for the preparation of the school project with the decision of the board of directors.

In January 2012, architects experienced in education projects were researched; An invitation letter was written to prepare 7 projects for 7 architectural companies operating in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir.

The deadline for the project ended on February 29, 2012 and the project presentations were made by 4 architectural companies on 23 March 2012. As a result of the work done by the elective delegation IAOIZ technical delegation and university faculty members, the project prepared by the M + D Architecture company operating in Izmir, was selected as the most appropriate project. The application project made by M + D Architecture Company and the construction of the school was started in October 2014.

It has been decided to start education in a temporarily prefabricated building in case that the construction of the school won’t be completed in the 2014-2015 academic year.

Our education has been continuing in our new building since 2016-2017 education year with the completion of the construction of our school.