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Today, robotic systems have taken the place of human power in order to make industrial production faster and increase its quality. The field of Industrial Automation Technology is a field which aims to provide the competences of the hardware and software processes required for the programming, manufacturing, production supervision of these systems which make automatic production for the industry.

The area of ​​Industrial Automation Technologies is operating with Mechatronics Branch at our school. Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary new engineering discipline that has been established with the interaction of machine, electrical, electronic and computer branches as a result of technology development and changing industrial needs.

At our school, in this field basic engineering education like (PLC), drawing three-dimensional objects (SolidWorks), performing two-dimensional drawing (AutoCAD), and writing basic and intermediate code (software), basic level electronic card design, basic level microcontroller programming, middle level industrial systems and touch visual systems basic mechanical training courses are provided.

We have R & D unit in the field of Industrial Automation Technologies as we have in every field at our school. In our R & D laboratories, the latest technological test and measurement devices, including software and devices, have been made available to our students in individual project work.

Students who will graduate from our school can design, program and draw the electronic card of the robot they want to produce for the desired purposes. In addition, they can design mechanical parts with solid object modeling program that they have learned and produce original projects with 3D printer. Project guidance by our experienced teachers and financial support to all projects done by our students are provided by our school.

Since we want our students to be educated as good engineers in the world standards; our academic staff consists of vocational teachers and engineers who have found solutions to at least one problem in the industry, achieved degrees in various engineering competitions, carried out special engineering projects and know the implementation in the industry.

All mechatronic testing sets at our school are designed and produced by engineers and vocational teachers who teach basic engineering courses at our school. These special projects involve students in both design, engineering and production.