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Machine Technology Field is an engineering discipline that deals with design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. It provides analytical solutions to problems by modeling physical phenomena and situations mathematically.

The machine industry is considered as the locomotive power of the economy for all developed and developing countries. Now the development of the countries is measured by the development of the machinery industry. According to scientists this will be the case in the future.

When we check industrial products, it is almost impossible to show a product that has not come out of a machine or a mold. In a department that has such a wide working area, mechanical engineering is divided into branches in parallel with technological developments and industrial needs.

As a result of the research conducted by IAOIZ Directorate in the Organized Industrial Zone, Computerized Machine Manufacturing and Industrial Molding Branches have been determined as the most needed.

Computer Numerical Control Branch (CNC) is a branch of education and training aiming to gain the competencies to operate classical and computer controlled machining production looms and to use them by generating numerical codes, working on machine parts.

CNC machines are now operating in all fields in order to increase the speed and quality in the works that require human power. The CNC controls the machine tools with commands encoded according to a certain logic, such as numbers and symbols of machine tools.

Industrial Molding Branch is the branch which gives education and training to obtain the competence of designing and manufacturing of Sheet Metal and Volume Molds which industrial molds have.

It is called as a molding that produces identical parts in series within the desired dimension limits and keeps human power at a minimum level. The mold is the most effective tool in the manufacturing industry. Mold designs are done by CAD / CAM / CAE programs and CNC or universal workbenches are also processed.