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Today, electrical and electronic technology has become one of the foundation stones of our company and our lives. This is the area where the most rapidly changing technological developments can be observed.
In the field of Electrical-Electronic Technology, students are given fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge about automated industrial systems, such as application, designing, programming and assembling hardware. The Department of Electrical-Electronics Technology is operating with our Industrial Maintenance and Repair Department. The aim of the Industrial Maintenance and Repair Branch is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills regarding the maintenance and repair of electrical and electronic systems.
Our students have the opportunity to use materials and equipment not available even in most university laboratories. In some laboratories, each student has three testing sets, while in some laboratories, each student has minimum one testing set.
As a basic engineering education in this branch of our school; basic, medium and advanced level coding, electronic card design, middle level microcontroller programming, medium level industrial systems and programming of touch visual systems, drawing three dimensional objects, two dimensional drawing training courses are given.
The training model we adopt is based on the personal characteristics of the students and allows them to develop at maximum level. For example; Extra software applications for students with software skills, Experiments with extra drawing applications are given to students with drawing ability.
Students who graduate from our school can draw and implement electrical installation of a building, audio and video communication systems in a computer program with the information they have obtained. To design a self-designed project, students are able to program an electronic card, remotely control an aircraft from a mobile phone, program devices (PLC) that can be called the brains of an auto-working factory, connect to and control any industrial machines from their home computer.
We have a R & D unit in the field of Electric-Electronic Technology as well as every other field in our school. In our R & D laboratories you can find the latest technological test and measurement devices, including software, available to our students to be used in individual project studies.